Created more than 40 years ago, the abrasive mop wheel, also often referred to as the fan abrasive or lamellae mounted point is a widely used and economical surface finishing tool that is ideal for use on most surfaces.

Through its fan shape and radial arrangement of grinding flaps around the axis, the abrasive mop matches perfectly the contour of the work piece to be ground. At SK Grit Industries we manufacture different forms and sizes of abrasive mop wheels that can be applied to finishing any straight, convex or concave surfaces.

Application & Use: Abrasive mop wheels are ideal for use in finishing curved or irregularly shaped parts, especially hard to reach surfaces. Made specifically as a finishing tool attached to small air and electric handtools as well as small bench grinders, abrasive mop wheels are perfect for small scale cleaning, finishing, deburring, and particularly useful for bore finishing of channel parts, fabrication of corner sides and inaccessible surface areas.